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"Administrators" shall mean Inocul8 Ltd (a company incorporated or registered in Scotland (Registration number SC347044) having its registered office at Pentlands Science Park, Bush Loan, Penicuik, Midlothian, EH26 0PZ, UK) and GALVmed (Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines), a company incorporated or registered in England (Registration number 05393391) having its registered office at Maclay Murray & Spens, One London Wall, London, EC2Y 5AB, UK)

"Content Providers" shall mean any User that provides content to the Administrators;

"Users" shall mean any individual or organisation, other than the Administrators that accesses the Database;

"Database" shall mean the database found at containing information about vaccines for livestock animals. "Database" shall have the same meaning as Database; and,

"" shall mean the webpages and the content found at

This Agreement sets forth the entire understanding between the Administrators of the Database and the Users of the Database and website:

  1. General is a website at which users can access data and information relating to various livestock veterinary vaccines available around the world. By using the Database, Users agree to comply with the terms and conditions provided herein.

  2. Website Content

    The content of the Database has been gathered from various sources, including the websites of vaccine manufacturers and producers, product catalogues, conference briefings, and through other various methods of data mining. The Administrators of the Database are not responsible for the content of any of the data contained in the Database, nor are they responsible for the completeness or accuracy of any such data. No endorsement or warranty of the performance of any of the vaccines is implied by the Administrators by the inclusion of the vaccine within the database.

  3. Links

    On occasions the and the Database may contain links to other websites. These websites and their content are the responsibility of their respective operators.

    All websites linking to or the Database must obtain permission from the Administrators.

  4. Privacy

    All information relating to the identity of Content Providers into the Vetvac Database shall be kept confidential and private and will not be disclosed to any third party, unless required by law.

  5. Disclaimer

    Information on veterinary vaccines is scattered and may change from time to time. Access to the, the Database and its content are provided on "as is" basis. The administrators of do not make any warranties or presentations, expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy of the the Database or its content. Furthermore, no warranty is given that the Database will be error free, free of viruses or other malicious software and access will be uninterrupted. Users assume all risks of use.

  6. Liability

    To the full extent allowable in law, the Administrators of the Database shall not be liable to any user, Content Provider or third party for any damages arising out of the use or inability to use or access the or the Database.

  7. Acknowledgement

    If any user makes use of the information directly or in amalgamated form in any report, publication or presentation of any form, "" shall be acknowledged as the source of the information.

  8. Governing Law

    This Agreement is governed by Scots law. Any dispute arising from or related to any term of this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Scotland.

  9. Support/Administration

    Any questions regarding the use, access, or content of the website may be directed to the following email

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